Friday, July 30, 2010

Want to really experience the amazing? Go to a circus.

Let me tell you of an unforgettable night...

My dad had gotten advanced tickets to Cirque du Soleil's "Kooza" show. We sat in one of the first few rows of the blue'n'yellow tent. It was a bit to the side for my liking, but the show was incredible.

I had seen the Cirque (a Quebec-based contemporary circus company that was started in the 1980s) once before in Vegas (the show was called "Mystere"). However, those performers never cease to amaze me.

Multicoloured lights. Multi-storey sets. Wacky costumes you would only see in a Dr. Seuss books. And, might I add, daring acts.

The most eye-catching of all must have been the first act after the intermission. Get this: a giant rotating contraption with spinning hamster wheels on each arm, with (yes) people in it. They don't just ride it. They attempt all these things like somersaults and backflips on it, and they look like they actually enjoy it...

The next best thing was the tightrope act. Imagine: one tightrope, 2 bicycles, a long pole resting on the shoulders of the two cyclists, a chair on the pole, a third performer ON on the chair...

Not the mention the tower of chairs...

And don't forget the comedians!

There were 8 big acts in all, but the show was more than 2 hours long. Mystery, theme, colour, art, wonder, MAGIC...I dunno. It's all in there. And at the end of the night you feel like one of those kids in those imaginative storybooks that had just been transported to another world full of adventure, came back to his room, and wondered if it had been real all along...


  1. I've been to Cirque du Soleil and I really loved it. THey make it feel like such a magical place for the little bit of time you spend with them.

  2. good luck char :D
    wow circus..if i join i'd be dead by know my inability for sports.