Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My ideal writing desk!

Pretty much the one I have right now.

Hm, I have the "messy" option, and the "clean" option. Personally, I'm a messy person, so I think I'll go with the messy option first.

It all starts with my new MacBook Pro! I prefer writing at night, so the backlit keyboard is terrific. Plus, the keys are pretty silent so even if I stay up to the young hours of morning the folks will not notice...

My current writing desk is nothing short of messy: my neglected driver's manual on the right, iPod dock in front, lamp that's not turned on, last year's school schedule on the wall, scrap paper filled with mathematical formula littered everywhere, organizational boxes that don't really organize, stuffed dog biting my iPod...that sort of thing. The 'rents are always telling me to "will you just friggin' clean your room" but a messy room makes me feel, I can never find anything in a clean room...

Well, if I DO manage to clean the desk this would be pretty much what it'd look like: cleared large desk of light-coloured wood (from Ikea!), futuristic-looking MacBook Pro on top, dock blasting music, tissue paper on the side in case I sneeze...that sort of thing, but that's boring. I prefer the messier option...

By hand
Anyhoo, I prefer typing instead of traditional writing, but I DO write traditionally if I'm travelling. The ideal writing desk would be an airplane slide-out tray, a Campus notebook, and a Uni Jetstream 0.7 pen. These pieces of simple equipment are AMAZING. Campus notebooks have the best fullscap I've ever used, the paper quality is just lets your pen glide over as if its dancing on a shiny, freshly-mopped ballroom floor. The Jestream pen is also a brilliant invention. The ink just keeps flowing and flowing, not like a river, more like a waterfall, with complete control.

I get these tools when I shop in Hong Kong. Asia has some good stationery stores where the entire wall is just stacked with different pens and pencils and you can test them out on pads of paper.

Like that, but the whole wall...

- CharTheShark-----shark out


  1. By hand, 'traditionally'... Never would have thought of it that way!

    And I simply can't write in Moleskin, I feel like when I misspell it I disgrace the book. And I LOVE Jetstream. :D

  2. I love writing by hand, so I would definitely need to stock myself well with notebooks and pens :)

  3. That's it. I'm going to Asia.

  4. I have horrible handwriting and I hate writing anything by hand. But a part of me is super jealous of anyone who can. How awesome, you don't need to be hooked up to anything to write. The battery life of a pen is pretty amazing.

  5. Erinn>> actually, the battery life of a Jetstream is pretty short..and I prefer MacBooks over pens ALOT.

    Jess>> Definitely. You'll love the Walls of Stationery You Can Try Out Absolutely Free.

  6. Ooooh my FAVORITE thing is to go to Japanese markets and try out a billion different pens. Fact: I used to write everything in the mutli-color Zebra pens. No one could read a word but man was it pretty.

    I need to try out these jetstreams! (I have pens on the brain today....)

    And backlit mac keyboards, yay!! Couldn't do without!

  7. I totally have to agree with sarah & charmaine, I love the keyboard illumination, it's really useful...
    btw sharkii, don't get too used to your new, shiny, awesome macbook...
    My handwriting get's worse every day I use it ^^ Well, I guess it doesn't matter for me because I write everything on my macbook...

  8. uh... btw, the photos are broken, you might wanna fix that...

  9. I love different pens and macs. Looks like I'll have to go to Hong Kong, but it's a long way...

  10. "Campus notebooks have the best fullscap I've ever used, the paper quality is just lets your pen glide over as if its dancing on a shiny, freshly-mopped ballroom floor."
    They should pay you for this plug. Never have I heard a notebook described so poetically.