Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer so far.

So what have other students been spending the summer so far with? This is about my weekday in a nutshell.

10:00 - Wake up, eat breakfast, watch TV.

11:00 - Read, or do some authoring. Or play piano. Or go longboard. Or jog. Once every two days, remember to water your family friend's garden, because, get dough. And free tomatoes.

12:30 - Lunch. Watch more TV. Slack off.

14:00 - If on Mon, Wed, or Fri, go volunteer for 2 hours at local music school - more like an internship than anything. Make a good impression because you might get hired...
Oh, and remember to record Buffy the Vampire Slayer that runs at 3 because you're finally watching a show and not giving up... If it's a Tues or Thurs, do what you did in the morning.

16:00 - Return home. Watch what you recorded. If feeling studious, do theory homework.

18:00 - Dinner.

19:30 - On Tuesdays, go to Richmond for musical analysis theory class. If not, go biking/longboarding with friends in the trails or whatever. Complain when your butt hurts too much or your knees get busted going uphill.

21:00 - Usually home by now. Go on the computer, read blogs, watch YouTube, contribute to that outrageously long Facebook thread about that weekend outing that seems impossible to plan.

24:00 - Turn on the fan or the windows and sleep.

My life is almost interesting, isn't it?

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  1. Wow, I haven't thought that you're volunteering that much... and don't tell me you're not sporty ^^

    My Day in a Nutshell:
    1.Wake up
    3.Come home
    4.Watch Anime & have dinner.
    5. Sleep