Sunday, July 4, 2010

Half Price - the annoying fine print in sales

So, if any of you were at the Richmond Mall today they were hosting a mall-wide sale thingy and my parents insisted me on accompanying them on a periodical shopping binge (because my parents like spending money. Don't ask.)

Anyways, as bored as I was, I decided I DID need a new pair of shoes because my current longboarding shoes are totally scuffed beyond recognition and Mom says I look like a hobo. Besides, pumping requires a thick sole and I think I've done considerable foot damage to myself...and I hate foot massages. I paid a visit to my favourite surf/skate shop and was TOTALLY STOKED when I saw the "1/2 price" tag placed next to these awesome $79.99 DC Chelsea skate shoes.

Well guess, what? They weren't $40 at all. Everyone had missed the fine print until we were standing at the corner and the guy reluctantly pointed it out: it was BUY 1 GET 1 1/2 PRICE not just 1/2 price.

Dang it. I was in a bad mood for the next hour. Guess my feet will have to endure another month of pain.

Anybody gone through a similar situation? If so, let me know in the comments below!

Just to say: I've already got an idea for tomorrow's blog-o'-the-day! Stay tuned.

- CharTheShark


  1. ...
    have I 'followed' yet? I clicked it but I don't show up under the list ;_;

  2. Nice blog Sharkii! Keep on writing! Btw, nice idea to embed your youtube acc, your songs are amazing! ... and I'm sorry that you have to wait 'til you can buy a new pair of shoes...

    Oh, yeah I got this situation once... I was in this Computer Store and there was a external HDD with 1TB just for 40 Euros... I came back the other day to buy it, but it turned out that the price tag hasn't been replaced T.T ...

  3. Thanks for the follow + comment, Armin! Hope your next trip to the store goes smoothly..

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