Who am I?

I used to have a traditional biography here, but no one likes that, right?  So let's just cut to the chase.  Here are some random facts about the writer behind this blog:

I'm terrifically short.
I have "triple" eyelids on one eye and "double" eyelids on the other.
I like cheese.
I've gone through 3 iPods and 1 mp3 player.  3 of the devices ran out of space.  My iPod Classic broke because I didn't eject it properly :(
"I Love Rock'n'Roll" by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts is stuck in my head right now.
I think Blenz is better than Starbucks.
I absolutely adore smoked salmon.  (I'm a West Coast girl.)
I once fell off my longboard on my butt and broke my cell phone.  NEVER put valuable stuff in your back pocket!
My left pinky is considerably longer than my right.
I'm Canadian.
Mac > PC
Buffy > Twilight
Cool > Me.