Thursday, July 8, 2010


Vancouver's super hot now. As in, it got up to 31 C today. It's going to lower back down for the next couple of days, but still, for us, it's quite hot.

Okay, so you tropical people out there are probably saying "Gee, that's nothing. It's like 50 degrees HERE." But for us, it's a big deal. I mean, for a city that doesn't have AC in residential houses and where people where hoodies for most the year anyways, heat is becoming a larger deal over the years.


Sometimes we get droughts. No, really.

Last year, there was a gianormous heatwave and if it weren't for my mom's study (which is the only room between everyone I know that has AC), I think I could have died. The temp was the highest recorded according to CBC: 33.8 C.

"Vancouver heat wave melts communication lines in mayor's office" -->

Not like I don't know "real" heat. I've been to places like Tokyo, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Italy, and the Caribbean, where summer temperatures soar well over 40 degrees. I easily get heatstroke, too.


Hopefully, global warming won't kill us..


I shouldn't complain though. I live in one of the best biomes on Earth. This temperate rainforest is a beaut, and I have plenty of ice cream in the fridge to keep me company.


Only bad thing is, can't go outside to longboard because the roads are BAKED.

So, how's the weather, wherever you readers are?

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  1. Location: Vienna, Austria
    Temperature: 21-34 °C

    Well, I personally think it's hot...but it's bearable... maybe you guys in Vancouver aren't really used to hot weather. Or maybe it's because I'm sitting in an air-conditioned office all day long... XD