Monday, August 23, 2010

The word "UPDATE" is overused... The Bush, zero taxes, and the Book Heaven on Earth.

Because Juliet wanted it bigger.

Ok so I realize I haven't blogged in more than a week.


In an effort to make this blogging thing a habit I will take the Pledge To Blog Harder.

I have been struggling through the wilderness. Ok, not yet, but I will!

Starting tomorrow I am completing my qualifying journey in the Adventurous Journey component of the Duke of Edinburgh Award - silver level. On a canoeing expedition. 4 days. 3 nights. Different campsite each night. Pit toilets. Did I mention canoeing??? Fun..

Don't get me wrong. I love the outdoors. I'm Canadian, after all, and I'm BRITISH COLUMBIAN (burrrrn!!). For those of you who saw those Vancouver 2010 Olympics, one of my favourite commercials was the one where they show a dramatic montage of remote wilderness and snow-capped mountains while the guy says: "This is OUR backyard! OUR playground!"

So yeah, I'll be traversing into my backyard, simply put. Just pray that I'll survive.

Portland, OR and pilgrimage to THE BEST BOOKSTORE EVA!!

So recently I spent 4 days in Portland, OR with the fam. (*Note: It was 99 degrees which to a Vancouverite equals Total Sweatage.) Did some cross-border shopping with plenty of success ($160 luggage case with 2 free tshirts FTW + NO TAX BOOYA!!). My province is currently run over with the HST which is like a 12% tax on basically everything, so being in a tax-free state was amazing. I mean, I look at the price tag and go "$, with tax that would be...hold on! IT'S JUST $9.95! No strings attached!"
"The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown.

Now, for all you writers and readers out there I have an announcement for you that will make you squeal. Portland has an amazing used and new bookstore in downtown called the Powell's City of Books. And it's just that. A city of books. Think about it: a bookstore spanning an entire city block, with a maze of rooms, stairwells, floor-to-ceiing shelves, and a MAP to show you where to go.

I was breathless.

Oh, by the way, I bought 5 books in the States since books are so friggin' expensive here (just check the CAN number on the back and the 2 currencies are almost equal now). I'm finally reading Hunger Games, after all that excitement on the net. It's really good...

Um..what else?

The 2010-2011 school year course list has arrived in the mail! *bawls* I am NOT ready for Gr.11. They say it's worse than Gr.12, dude. At least the government gave me $250 for post-secondary education because apparently I was a "good citizen" who got "good grades" last year (can't remember). So that's good!

I got a printer! (Finally.)

And uh...

I'm terribly jealous of my friend (the same one that drew my Dancers characters) because she's roaming the Maritimes and the east coast for 3 weeks.

<--our hotel neighbour

I reorganized my shelf so it's 2 books deep now (teehee), putting all the classics I never read in the front so when educated minds come in they will think I am a classy (another teehee).

Note the placement of Dickens compared to the hint of Twilight above-left to it.

Summer is ending, and I feel like I've done nothing.

Next post will probably not be here until Friday. No computers allowed in the campsite, nuh-uh. But stay tuned.

Just downloaded Lights' Acoustic EP. It's hecka good listen.
I AM GOING TO SEE X JAPAN LIIIIIVE!!!!! More on that later.

Painting so far!


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  2. In Austria the taxes are already included... pretty useful, you don't have to think about them. ^^
    Oh, and don't worry... you'll get used to blogging, just try to update more frequently.

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