Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Diggin' deep through the boxers to find hidden treasure. (YA Highway's RTW)

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This week's topic comes from a prompt at SCBWI:
What does your character hide in their underwear drawer - or other secret location?

My second Roadtrip Wednesday, yay!

Well, the first thing I thought when I saw this topic was - "uh oh, I have no idea what my characters would hide in their underwear drawers! Does that mean they're not developed enough???" *panicpanicpanicpanic-at-the-writer's-disco....*

So I started thinking...

Kain, the 16 year-old socially awkward questor in my current fantasy WIP, has a lack of self-confidence (well, at least in the beginning, before he finds out he makes a cunning thief...) yet dreams big. And since he's looking forward to a rebellion against a corrupt government, perhaps an assortment of secret documents on how to rule the world may be found...once he manages to murder the current leader. Too bad in his era there's no such thing as pictures, but if there was, probably a photograph of the sister he hasn't seen in 10 years. They never had a good relationship though, since she got kidnapped by aforementioned corrupt government because of him... Despite the convincing argument that she is now part of the dark side, Kain still thinks she's family, and only family he's got.

Kaira, the other main character but working for Kain's enemies, probably has more secrets. On the outside, she's an ass-kicker who burns up restaurants she doesn't likes. In her secret chest however, hidden inside a secret wardrobe in a secret room connected by a secret passage, I expect to find a stash of romantic novels. And possibly an assortment of spare battleaxes and scimitars that shoot out if someone gets too close to the drawer...

Wow, this was actually difficult to think about. Guess I have some characters to interview!

Send me any links to your own RTW. And thanks YA Highway for making me think critically today!


  1. Romance novels + battleaxes. Love it.

  2. Nice! I wish I had a battleaxe to keep in my underwear drawer! :D

  3. haha, this made me laugh Though Kain doesnt seem like the type to want to rule the world.
    Ah kaira... How I hate you... but , your maker has made you slightly more tolerable.

  4. *panicpanicpanic-at-the-writer's-disco*



  5. Kick ass and romance novels. A sweet combination! I love it!

  6. Awesome! So glad this prompt help you think about your characters even more, very cool!

  7. "In her secret chest however, hidden inside a secret wardrobe in a secret room connected by a secret passage, I expect to find a stash of romantic novels." If it wasn't almost midnight and I didn't live in a tent with sleeping neighbors nearby, I'd have been laughing quite loudly at this. :) Great post!