Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Night Cap-off: Writer loves the Outdoors

I think what every writer needs to do is step back from the busy lights of civilization and go back to the basics: aka go camping, go hiking, go canoeing, go wandering in the wilderness and get in touch with nature.

I just returned from a 4-day canoe expedition today. Despite the horrific outhouses, and aching muscles from driving a loaded canoe into a fierce headwind with eyes squinted against the rain, it was an amazing experience.

Flushing oneself out of screentime, slacktime, and just civlized-time really makes you THINK and FEEL, you know? The bare basics of humanity - thinking and feeling. And thinking and feeling is exactly the tools you need as a writer. Every writer should take a step back and just admire and awe. It's only after a profound realization of accomplishing something, seeing something, experiencing something - anything from stormy wind and rain to a sunny day or a cute seal popping out of the water - that you become a person. And then you can write it down. Write it down in a way that expresses your innermost profound-ness.

I don't know if I'm making sense. You really have to go out there and see for yourself: bobbing in the middle of a still fjord on a wooden canoe with slanted rain and fog covering the shoreline is both a powerful image to paint and a powerful image to write.

So grab your notebooks, get our there, and smell the roses for your pen depends on it!

Survived the canoe expedition!

Halfway through Hunger Games! I now know what the hype with this book is all about. It really is a good book. The main character is purely enticing, I just find myself seriously caring about what happens to her. I dunno, she's admirable, I guess, for stepping up for an almost death sentence in place of her sister. Plus the whole hunter thing, and just the concept of the corrupt and cruel Capitol entices me. I like corrupt and cruel places of power...hehe...

LIGHTS just released a new EP with all her acoustic goodness. LIGHTS is an awesome Canadian indie-ish singer/songwriter of the dreampop genre, but personally her acoustic work on the webcasts are pure golden. Thanks for the compilation of great acoustic tunes, LIGHTS!

My favourite track HAS to be "River", or maybe it's just because of the canoe expedition: :)

Lyric sample:

Out across cities I see buildings turn into piles
and watch the world in wonder, as mountains turn into tiles
and trees loosing their leaves and their faces becoming tired
i wish i could discover something that doesn't expire
come stumble me

take me river, carry me far
lead me river, like a mother
take me over to some other unknown
put me in the undertow

THE FINALE OF DANCERS!!!!!! I have vowed to finish the first draft by the time school starts. ITWILLBEDONEITWILLBEDONE!!!

See above.

Have an amazing weekend, anyone who reads.

And tell me all about your nature endeavors :)

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