Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Night Cap-off: artistic rendering of characters! An awesome community...and the biggest bookstore on earth???

So I will starting a tradition where I will cap off the good stuff that's been happening in my week!
It is now Friday the 13th, 10:48pm Pacific Time.

Highlight of the week!
GOT AN ACCOUNT AT INKPOP. This is an awesome writer's community. Made 10 friends in 3 days. The peeps actually read your work with QUALITY COMMENTS, and everyone has pretty good quality work that doesn't disappoint! The swapping initiative is very useful too. I'll read yours. You read mine. I'm looking forward to more inkpoppin' in the coming weeks.

Plus, I got a professional rendering of my characters! See below.

Read of the week
I'm still on The Passage by Justin Cronin. It's an amazing book, so human, so intense. But it's huge. And I've only read about an eighth of it because of the good stuffs on Inkpop and it makes a good support to stand up my canvas since I'm too poor for an easel :(

Tune of the week
Definitely "Lull" by Andrew Bird. Incredible song.
Sample lyric:

I'm all for moderation
But somtimes it seems
Moderation itself can be kind of extreme
So I join the congregation
Join the softball team
I went in for my conformation
Where incense looks like steam
I start conjugating proverbs
Where there once were nouns
This whole damn rhyme scheme's
Starting to get me down...

I'm also into the extended version of "Butterfly fly away" by (yes) Miley Cyrus and her dad Billy Ray. Don't get me wrong. If she did more of those songs her "mature" image would even be BETTER. It's a mature song. Actually. It's about single parenting and growing up. They guitar is beautiful too. You should check it out.

And I'm into a few Metric tunes. Gold Guns Girls and Sick Muse. Canadian Indie FTW.

Major upcoming event
Will be going cross-border shopping in the States. And going to the biggest bookstore in the world.

Writing Status
I actually started on the 2nd draft of Dancers before finishing off the first draft. As for the first draft, Kain has an exam to pass, a lady to impress, and a battle to win. Kaira on the other hand is finally starting to grow up.

Ok, I have a confession. I actually wrote a chapter and a half of a book idea. About aliens. But I will stop now. All my attention is for Dancers and Dancers alone!


My fantastic friend, neighbour, no.1 fan, and technically my patron designed her interpretation of the Dancer characters! It's finished. AND HERE IT IS:

She is a good artist, no?


  1. Yo, can you make the pic bigger? I click on it but nothing pops up =3=

  2. Great work Sharkii & whoever designed this neat Char Interpretation! Keep going!

  3. are you visiting the bookstore in oregon?
    apparently, they mix together new and used books according to author.
    i just heard about it yesterday ; )