Monday, October 18, 2010

Things I just don't understand.

  1. Why Hallowe'en is such a big deal.
  2. Why people fight wars.
  3. Why patriotism is such a big deal.
  4. Why there is still so much racism.
  5. What makes X Japan such an epic, incredible, talented, amazing, awesome band.
  6. Why Oriental people are almost never portrayed in mainstream media.
  7. Why my parents like eggplant.
  8. Why it's so disgusting for some people that that their friend wants to be friends with someone they don't like.
  9. Why people waste time holding grudges.
  10. Why people waste time hating other people.
  11. Why it is always the youth who care about the important issues, and the adults seem to have given up.
  12. Why yellow is such a terrible colour.
  13. Why rap is so popular.
  14. Why young girls are so ready to throw themselves at Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers.
  15. Why Jews, Christians, and Muslims have spent centuries killing each other when they're basically worshiping the same God, just in different ways and different interpretations. And even if they dislike each other's interpretation, why are they causing so much destruction? Did God not say "Love your neighbour as yourself." And aren't we just all neighbours together in this world?
More to come once I've thought of it.


  1. I love Nr 2, 9, 10, 13, 14 & 15 ^^ The question is... why do people actually believe in a god?

  2. Well Armin I believe in a God and it's kind of hard to explain. I could write a whole book on it but I guess the main reason is that I look at the world and see how majestic the Cascade mountains are or how red maple leaves are or how graceful golden eagles are and I cannot believe it's all a coincidence. Or I listen to a piece of music and get so into it and I just can't accept the fact that it's all neurons reacting and chemicals charging. So I come to the conclusion that something we don't understand has the power to make these happen and that something is God.

  3. thanks, nobody really explained it like this to me before, really I respect your believe in God but try to imagine that over countless (and I mean Billons of Years) one (of a few) Configurations/Constellations that supports advanced Life just happened to find itself in the infiniet depths of the universe... well, can I go on without starting a religious flamewar?

  4. Oh, I've got another point for you to write on your list: "Why are all Canadians so nice?" ^^

  5. Yeah, but that's it you see: it's such a frickin' COINCIDENCE. It just seems to good to be true and I personally don't believe it was unplanned.

    But whatever. I'm not trying to convert you or anything. This is just how I think. And I dunno why Canadians are so nice...we just are :)

  6. I don't wanna convert you either ^^ Maybe it was planned, maybe not who knows...