Wednesday, September 8, 2010

RTW: What is in your DUFF kit?

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This Week's Topic:
What's in your DUFF kit?

AKA what is your "night-to-chill" kit if you haven't heard of the book "the DUFF".
...Which I'm hoping to get my hands on sooner or later. Hunting for it in Canada...

1. Drink>> Green Tea Frappucino with Creme! Biggest size too for maximum caloric guilt ;)
2. Comfy and old shoes - my Nike slip-ons that were tossed into the trash...but my new DC Chelsea skate shoes are breaking in quite well!
3. Movies of your favorite male actor - haha I actually don't have a favourite male actor and I'm not a very good movie-watcher (I know, it's a sin!) I think I'll spend the night watching cheesy martial arts films though. You gotta love cheesy martial arts films!
4. Favourite junk food - Cookie Dough Ice cream! And CHIPSCHIPSCHIPSCHIPSCHIPS!! What the heck, dip the chips in the ice cream...
5. Most comfy clothing - old PE Tshirt, plaid PJ pants, and $7 bathrobe :DD

Enjoyable post. Especially since I have at least an hourful of homework today (eeps!) on the first official day of school and I'm procrastinating. Already.

How do YOU chill?


  1. my "night-to-chill" kit... let's see:

    1.Drink: My Special Coconut-Rice-Drink-Mix (and yes Rice-Drinks are awesome)

    2.Comfy clothing: Tracksuit pants.

    3.My macbook. It's teh ultimate entertainment system. When it comes to movies probably the latest Blockbuster... Otherwise I'll just watch some Anime.

    4.Favourite Food: Chocolate/Cookies!

  2. I'm down with chips, and I'm down with ice cream, but I don't think I can get on board with chips IN ice cream. LOL

  3. I actually really like eating chips AFTER I've just eaten ice cream sometimes. The salty after the sweet is just so delicious.

  4. I like anyone whose snack of choice is CHIPSCHIPSCHIPS! ;)