Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Night Cap-off: parties...AND A FINISHED FIRST DRAFT??!!

Welcome to another Friday Night Cap-off!
I may be a little late today because I just came back from yet another Sweet 16. Have a happy happy birthday Cara! Wear plaid!

Oooh, I'm starting off with the writing status. Why?

Wheeee. I took it to Staples today and got it printed out. All 400+ juicy pages of it, right on my lap. I'm touching it. I can't believe I've done it! In the nick of time, before school starts on Tuesday! It was my goal to finish it before the summer holidays have ended, and I actually did it.

Now, here begins officially The Journey.

I'm not gonna slack off this time, not like every other novel I've written and hidden into the back of my bookshelf. I'm going to research agents, research publishers, edit, revise, get as much input as possible from others in the extraordinary field of literature, and bang up my game.

This time I am going to do it!

World, meet Dancers.

I'd like to thank a few people though who have made this possible:
1. Juliet, for making me write it in the first place and being the first to draw fanart.
2. Anson, for reading it ahead of Juliet :)
3. My mom, just because.
4. Anyone else who so much as glanced at it or patted my back physically or emotionally.

Thank you all! I love you <3

Um, I finished a first draft?? It's more than 150k (which is a problem), but I'm soooo excited about it I'm ready to dance around the room like Taylor Swift does in the You Belong with Me music video.

Synchronicity, an instrumental electric violin piece by the great Sugizo. Who also happens to be the new edition to the revival of my favourite band, X Japan. Which I am going to see in October! Another dream come true... They are simply the greatest. Those who don't know me: good looks like JoBros and Bieber don't have an effect on me. X Japan are in their mid-forties with too much makeup 90% of the time, but their musicianship KILLS.

Still on Hunger Games. Been reading that, The Passage, and Inkpop stuff in and out these days until 1:30 in the morning.

School starts on Tuesday. Going to be in Gr.11, which translates to "junior year" in the states. I'm kinda scared (they warn it's worse than Gr.12) but then again I'm taking a few interesting courses like Writing, Psychology, and Comparative Civilizations.

Have a fantastic Labour Day weekend, everyone!

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  1. congrats on your first draft, that must feel AMAZING :D
    i'm a young writer like yourself in bc :)